Friday, March 16, 2018


Below is an incisive security brief on how to easily track and recover stolen vehicles for rideshare drivers, couriers and other car owners who place value on security and take the safeguarding of their lives and property quite seriously and as top priority. 

Owing to the high level of vehicle theft and other crimes associated with the rideshare drivers' community e.g UBER, LYFT etc., hence this eye-opener into how a vehicle owner including rideshare drivers or couriers can both salvage and recover their vehicles technically without second or third-party help.

This tutorial is a completely D.I.Y  (Do It Yourself) process and it's easy to execute.

1.Get a phone that has a good bandwidth reception and a strong microphone.
2. Write down the phone's IMEI number somewhere safe.

3. Put an active sim card in the phone (one which you have its digits written or stored away somewhere)
4. Turn off the phone's backlight, disable its  speakers including vibration, keyboard and remove its covers (the idea is to make it totally silent)
5. Activate 'Auto Answer' mode on the phone.
6. Connect the phone to your car charger (N.B: A technician will be needed to modify the vehicle's charging system so as to keep the phone powered all the time, day-in-day-out).

7. Hide the phone inside the car (let its location be only known to you).
8. Now here is the thing, in case your vehicle is stolen you can call the phone and you will be able to hear the thieves talking to each other since the phone is in an auto-answer mode (maybe talking about where they are taking the car to)

9. Hence, you can easily track and recover your stolen vehicle in real-time with this hands-on security technology.
10. Don't forget to at least once in three months load a recharge card (no matter how small) on the phone, while you keep the line active by making and receiving calls or SMS with it.

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