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Getting one's work done while being mobile is a must these days. People are expecting to get more work done, especially now when their smartphones are becoming more powerful. When you see how much technology has advanced in recent years, human expectations are well justified.

Instead of using your phone just for keeping in touch with everyone, you can also pay bills, send invoices, reply to emails, set up meetings and manage your documents. You can get almost anything done if you just find the right app for the task that you want to get done.

In order to help you out with a choice of the best apps, this article is featuring top 11 apps that will improve your productivity for sure.

1. Evernote - Note Taking App

Evernote is one of the best note-taking apps out there. The next time some great idea hits you, you better write it down before you forget it. Also, Evernote app is very convenient in those situations when you need to quickly add some note to your phone. Another useful thing is that if you use different devices like a computer and a smartphone, Evernote is synced on all your devices, allowing you to create notes wherever you are. You can add pictures and PDF to your notes and you can also add audio notes. The app has an excellent searching option that allows you to search through the hundreds of notes and find the one you are looking for. Evernote will help you keep your notes organized.

You can download Evernote from Play Store and App Store

2. Droptask - Visual To-do List

Droptask is one of a kind app that makes visual to-do lists. This app is intended for both teams working on projects and individuals looking for a way to organize their weekly activities. What makes this app different from all other to-do lists is its unique visual interface where all tasks are represented in canvas. You can invite to 5 people, family, friends, and coworkers on projects that require other people to participate in. That can be quite useful when organizing events, where every person has specific tasks appointed to them. You can organize your tasks through the built-in calendar or attach additional files to projects. It is also possible to set your custom completion progress bar and to track how much work is completed.

You can download Droptask from Play Store and App Store.

3. Unclouded - Cloud Manager

Most of our files aren’t kept on our device's memory, they are rather stored in cloud storages. The problem is that we use several of these services, such as Google Drive, Onedrive or Dropbox. Unclouded app is used to keep a track of all those services in one place. It offers information about how much free space you have on Google Drive or what type of files are taking most of your storage on Dropbox. But, with this app you can also search for files on your cloud storages, making your searching effortless and much faster. Unclouded can also help you find the duplicates, if any, on your Google Drive and Dropbox. This might come in useful when you are struggling with available space on the cloud.

You can download Unclouded on Play Store.

4. SwiftKey Keyboard - Smart Keyboard

Most of us can agree that typing on a phone is the most arduous task that you can perform. No matter how skillful typer you are, you will always make more typos on a phone than on a keyboard. Well, the developers of Swiftkey keyboard app have tried to help us with this inconvenience, by making a smart keyboard that adapts to the way you type. SwiftKey learns and adopts your style of writing, giving the quick suggestions that would fit your style of writing. It predicts even the emojis you would use in some sentences. The utmost thing is that keyboard can improve your speed of writing by automatically correcting your typos while you focus on actual writing.

You can download the SwiftKey Keyboard on Play Store and App Store.

5. My Scans - Best PDF Scanner

Nowadays, one of the most important things is the ability to document everything. Whether you are taking pictures of whiteboards on meetings or you want to send some important document to someone, you would need My Scans scanning app. It allows you to scan documents by taking pictures of those files and then converting them to a PDF document, looking like a document that comes out of the real scanner. You don’t need to take pictures from the perfect angle, with automatic edge detection you will get the perfectly aligned scanned document. When required, you can easily share the scans via email. If you are required to sign documents, you can also do that with this app, just save your signature and add to a document that needs signing.

You can download the My Scans from Play Store and App Store.

6. PDF to Word Converter - Convert PDF to Word

One thing becomes painfully obvious after some time working with PDFs, they can’t be edited. You can share them across all devices and systems, but you can’t make a single change to a body of the file. That’s why the app like PDF to Word Converter is developed, to avoid retyping files from the scratch. Instead, use this app and convert any PDF file into an editable Word file on the go. The OCR technology allows converting scanned PDFs. You can easily access any file from everywhere because you can sign-in to Google Drive, iCloud, Onedrive, Dropbox and Gmail directly from the app. The great conversion quality makes every file almost the same as the original even if you have pictures and tables in your PDF, they’ll be converted as well.

You can download the PDF to Word Converter from Play Store and App Store.

7. Doodle - Easy Scheduling

Setting up the meeting with several people can cause really hard sometimes. You just can’t please them all. To leave no man behind when setting up events and meetings, you can use Doodle instead. It can help you find the perfect time for everyone by sending a group of people one simple Doodle poll where everyone will vote and set time that fits them the best. In the end, you will get a weekly schedule when your friends or coworkers are available for attending the certain event. A nice feature is that others don’t need to have the app to receive a poll, just send them a poll in WhatsApp, Messenger or SMS and they can vote for the best time.

You can download Doodle from Play Store and App Store.

8. LastPass Password Manager

If you are having a hard time remembering all your passwords, then you’ll surely find this app useful. LastPass app is a password manager which will create strong passwords for different accounts. It will store them and allow autofill sign-in information. Basically, it is like a vault for all passwords. Instead of memorizing 10 different ones, you need to know just one master password. You can always add new sign-in info and password for some other site or change the info and password for current ones. Next time when you stumble upon sign-in form, you can just let this app fill in those login details for you. Don’t bother anymore with creating and remembering new passwords, use LastPass.

You can download LastPass from Play Store and App Store.

9. Call Recorder - ACR

When you are doing most of your work on the phone, you know that there is more important information spoken on the phone call than in a couple of emails. But with all those information coming to you in a single call, you can miss some important details. You either can’t write everything down so fast or you’re doing something else while talking. Whatever the reasons seem to be, you should consider recording your calls with ACR call recorder. That way, you can playback, search and save to cloud any important call that you might have. You can replay the calls as many time as you need. Old call recordings will be auto-deleted, but if you mark important calls then they won’t be auto-deleted. Record any call, without having to select to record.

You can download Call Recorder from Play Store.

10. Trove - AI for Email

The fact is that emails are most efficient and most professional way to communicate with people, especially with those you don’t know in person. But with emails being so popular, our inbox is getting crowded. In order to help you understand why and who is contacting you, you can employ the AI that Trove app has to offer you. Trove is data-driven AI that helps you get more information about your professional network, who are the biggest influencers, search for people by their job title and much more. This app can offer you an insight into the questions you might have left unanswered in your email or you can receive only notifications that are relevant to you. This app will make your inbox more meaningful.

You can download Trove from Play Store and App Store.

11. ALL-IN-1 GIZKIT - Gadget Bank + All Latest News

Standing out among other apps is the ALL-IN-1 GIZKIT Android App which comes contains a range of everyday utility tools plus the latest global news all in one place. The ALL-IN-1 GIZKIT comes in handy with the following applications:

Currency Converter
All Unit Converter
QR Code Creator
All Parcel Tracker
All Books
Scientific Calculator
Location Now
Live Web Info

Global News 24/7
World News
Science News
Tech News
Health News
Sport News

Math Game

A shocking feature of this must-have Android App is its lightweight and data saving feature which comes as a plus for data-savvy Android smartphone users. The ALL-IN-1 GIZMO App is the brainchild of Nigerian Blogger, Anthony Edmond John, who is also the creator of the popular NEWSONE1 App.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD: ALL-IN-1 GIZKIT

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